Buttercup’s New Life

by | Mar 26, 2011

Riding Buttercup at Pacific City, OR

Me and Buttercup at Sisters

At ten years of age Buttercup has officially moved on in her life to a new home in California. She belongs to a family with two twin five year old girls who absolutely adore her. This is the perfect home for her since she is such a gentle horse. I remember how I could sit down on the ground next to her feet while clipping her fetlocks, crawl under her belly, wave stuff all around her head and she never minded.

Even though I love Buttercup very much and miss her, I know she is getting the best of care and all the attention that she could want. With college and my life changing so much it was getting more and more difficult to give her the time she deserved. The expense of board, farrier, food, and other bills were difficult for me as a college student and as all horse lovers know, it is expensive to own a horse. Since Buttercup is only 14.1 hands tall and I’m almost 5’10” I know she is appreciating the lighter weight of the little girls and their 5’3” mother!

When Buttercup was vet checked for the sale she was unfortunately diagnosed pre-navicular.   Navicular disease is a chronic progressive forelimb lameness and is the final stage of an incurable clinical syndrome causing greater weight to be put on the back legs which in turn causes the heels to collapse. Check out this link for more information on pre-navicular horse hoof conditions. This requires her to have corrective shoes, hock injections, and joint supplements to stave off the disease’s progression. With proper care Buttercup can remain sound for her entire life. Fortunately the family still wanted her as they had completely fallen in love and they have the means to give her the best of care.

I am very grateful for the help of Marvin Pierce of Pierce’s Cow Dogs , who hauled Buttercup from Newberg, OR all the way down to Pleasanton, CA and to Susan Davies (www.horses-for-courses.com) , who worked with Buttercup daily until she sold, advertised and presented her to potential buyers, and took exceptional care of her.

I love and miss Buttercup – she is an amazing little mare who will always have a place in my heart. I had many fantastic rides and great times on her climbing mountains in Sisters, OR, camping in the Wallowa Mountains at Cornucopia Lodge , flying down the beach as fast as she could go, going to shows in my OHSET days and many other terrific adventures.

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