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~read about my experiences riding and working with horses~

Buying a Horse as a Beginner

Nine tips for the beginner horse person about how to choose their first horse and what not to do.

Maui Adventure

A story of where my life is taking me and my business.

Winter Summary

A short summary of my experiences with my horse exercising business, winter of 2009/2010, and the challenges of juggling riding for clients and my first year at Oregon State University.

The Importance of Exercising Your Horse

This article is all about exercise and how important it is to your horse’s health, well being, and length of life. It also talks about the telltale signs of an out of shape horse and how a hollow back is a very common problem. Proper exercise comes through the training of your horse.

Deacon and Sundance

This article is about two horses that I started riding in the summer of 2009 who were both overweight. It talks about the vitamins they were put on to counteract their odd loss of hair and the importance of giving your horse supplements to enhance quality of health, vitality, and amount of energy. The two horses also started getting grain to put more oils into their diet for their skin and coat.

The Start of My Business

This article is about why I started my business and what motivated me and talks about the first horse I started exercising, named Angel, who I sold after only a couple of weeks. Because it was such a good experience, I decided to advertise on Craig’s List my ability to exercise horses.