Plaudits Nightshade

Plaudits Nightshade is a twelve year old Appaloosa gelding who goes by the name of Dino at home. Dino was born on our property and has lived with us ever since. He has been extensively ridden on all kinds of trails including multiple camping trips in the mountains of Eastern Oregon and Washington and has gone on countless day trips to the coast along with having been shown numerous times in Dressage and ¬†English Equitation. Dino’s future involves plenty of trail rides interspersed with Equitation shows.

Snowy O' Moment

Snowy O’ Moment is a nine year old Irish Draught Sport-horse mare known as Pearl who was purchased at the age of three. She has since grown to an enormous 17.2 hands and has been shown up to Second Level in Dressage, started lightly on jumps and taken on numerous trail rides. Over the next five years, the goal is to compete at higher levels in Dressage and increase her jumping experience.

Beam Me Up Scotty

Beam Me Up Scotty is a four year old gelding who lived in the wilderness of the South Steens Mountains up until the age of three before being caught by the BLM. He started out in the Mustang Training Program and was just recently purchased by us in April of 2017. Our goal is to have Scotty saddle broke and being ridden by the end of May. After he is comfortable with the basics of riding we will get him out on the trail and then to a few shows!

Flying Cloud Clipper

Flying Cloud Clipper is a two year old gelding also from the South Steens Mountains who was purchased in April 2017 with Scotty. Clippy is not yet at riding age, so our goal over the next year will be to work on ground manners and handling. By the time he is three he will be a breeze to saddle break!

Past Horses


Buttercup is currently living at her forever home in California with two twin little girls who take lessons on her and give her plenty of love. She was my primary trail horse from 2007-2011, during my younger years, and was such a blast to ride. We have many wonderful trail ride memories from camping in the mountains to swimming in lakes and creeks to racing along the Oregon coast.

Buttercup’s New Life

My horse, Buttercup, and her new life in California.

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