Maui Adventure

by | Apr 22, 2011

As life progresses, I find myself seeking new adventures. My latest adventure consists of having bought a one-way ticket to Maui, HI. So, I am officially moving to Maui on May 17th. Although sad to leave Oregon with all my friends and family, the joy of finally seeing the great, yellow ‘orb’ in the sky might make up for it! I’ll be traveling and living with my roommate from OSU, Gabby. We will fly into Kahului Airport, then head to Kihei. Like any great adventure, we are a bit uncertain where our initial accommodations will be but most likely we’ll plant ourselves at the local youth hostel while we search for a suitable place to live.

While in Maui, we plan to achieve a boundless understanding of the word relaxation, but we will still have to go to work. For me, work could possibly involve riding/exercising horses at an active and friendly stable or ranch, but it could also mean cleaning stalls or waitressing at a local restaurant.

Thank goodness for Craig’s List and technology as we have placed an ad advertising our willingness to work with horses/animals and do yard/garden chores in exchange for accommodations. We have already gotten a few inquiries! Being that we are both hard-working and responsible, this could give us a perfect opportunity to connect right away with the community and meet new people. Right now we have a possible lead in Makawao.

When we are not working, Gabby and I will be enjoying abundant amounts of physical exercise in many forms such as hiking and swimming, but mostly by biking. During our stay in Maui we plan to stay car-free, so getting to and from places will involve either a bicycle or our own two feet. How I wish that every place in town still had a hitching post… Needless to say, I should be in excellent shape.

Our overall plan is to ‘live simply’ and use this journey as an opportunity to experience life. Right now we both have similar goals of going to school, perhaps Maui Community College, and eventually applying to the Peace Corps.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure in my life and will enjoy meeting enthusiastic horse people along the way!


  1. horserider

    Thanks Annie 🙂

  2. Annie Whiting

    The plans bring back great memories for me. . .at your age I decided to be an air line stewardess, now called flight attendant. . .I flew to Hawaii so many times in those 10 years and loved every minute of those experiences. I always thought it would be great to give of myself as a peace corp volunteer (developed by Kennedy in the early 60’s) anyway, you are a smart young woman to have these experiences now while you are young and “care free”‘ I wish you all the best’ that life can offer you and your friend Gabby. Loved your story of your adventure. Annie

  3. horserider

    Thank you Addie! I really appreciate that 🙂

  4. Addie

    Wishing you luck in your adventures ahead!!! Not many people have the nerve to just up and follow their dreams. I am glad you do 🙂