The Start of My Business

by | Nov 26, 2009

During the summer of 2009 I started my very own Horse Exercising Business and it all started with a Craig’s List advertisement.

I have been riding horses since I was eight years old taking lessons consistently from a variety of trainers and going on many trail rides! I am, in fact, horse crazy and I needed a job for the summer to pay off my car and save up for college.

While I was still in school, my mother and I were boarding our horses at a stable. The owner of the stable was in the process of selling a tall, lean Paint mare. However, she was not having very good luck because the horse, Angel, had quickly figured out that if she was a brat she would not be ridden and worked. The last potential buyer to look at Angel had been scared off when she refused to move forward and began to kick up her heels. I volunteered to ride Angel and show her to buyers in return for %15 of the sale. The first time I got on her, she pinned her ears and started to lift her butt to buck. Fortunately, I was expecting this. When a horse behaves in this manner I make a decision based on how comfortable I feel and how explosive the horse feels. I will either give them a good kick with both of my legs or I will stop as much movement as possible and try to calm them down before figuring out another tactic.I decided to give Angel a good kick because I knew her history of training. I was sure that if Angel knew I was boss she would likely behave, and I was right! A few disciplinary kicks (no spurs) later and Angel was moving forward at a beautiful trot.

After only a few weeks of cleaning Angel up and riding out all the kinks she was sold! Because of this experience with Angel, I decided to create an ad on Craig’s List advertising my ability to exercise horses, tune them up, and help sell them. I was not actually expecting anyone to contact me, but sure enough the first week I had people calling and emailing.


  1. Annie Whiting

    Hi Erika, so glad to read your latest (3/26/11) blog. You were so fond of Buttercup, but knowing she has such a nice new home, with twin girls, makes it a lot easier for you. Keep up your writing, you write very interesting blogs, looking forward to your next one.

  2. horserider

    Thank you Annie for taking the time to read everything 🙂

  3. Annie

    Erika, love your blogs, had fun reading them!! How about the horse camping as a story?

  4. Annie

    Hi Erika, it’s a rainy day in Sept. and I decided to read all your very interesting blogs!! You are a very good writer, and I really enjoyed all your articles!! The one about Miller is so funny and cute and what a lovely horse he is. I was wondering how many of your clients you will have this fall?? How was your horse camping trip?? That would be a fun blog to write about it you have time.